My first encounter with a Macintosh computer while working as an intern in a small agency. Finder. Aldus Pagemaker. Apple Laserwriter. Hooked.


Getting to know everything pre-press while working as an intern in a pre-press studio. Watching the rise of DTP while still learning and understanding "classic" typesetting.


Communications Design Study at FH Wiesbaden, Germany.


Working part-time as DTP-operator and Mac-Admin. #Pagermaker, #QuarkXPress, #Photoshop, #Freehand, #Illustrator, #Postscript, #InDesign, #customers and #clients.


My first band: DINA13. Man, we were brave. I was on #bass. Fun times.

since 1992

Freelancing as Graphic Designer, Illustrator and instructor for Mac and DTP.


Tutor at the Mac-laboratory / FH Wiesbaden.


Teamed up with two like-minded students to do more illustrations, prints, comics. #occupy silkscreen print workshop.


Co-founded Lola Bildgeschichten to publish our comic-stories, attending "Comicsalon Erlangen", "Frankfurter Buchmesse", "Comicsalon Hamburg".


Discovered the web (dial-up, Netscape, frames, tables, animated gifs and spam). Co-founded "subraum", a small independent gallery in Berlin/Mitte, to show off our own works primarily.


Diploma, finally.

since 1996

Freelancing as Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Webdesigner. Getting more and more web-related jobs. Losing my interest in "classic" design and print. Focus is on illustration and web-design (like in: frontends and interfaces). Working with #Photoshop, #Fireworks, #Dreamweaver, amd #Flash. Dreamweaver was very good at that time regarding the source-code (compared to other "wysiwyg" like #Frontpage or #GoLive), but soon I realized that I was working in the source-code only anyway, so gradually (and finally around 2003) I switched to #BBEdit. Dabbling around in #JS, #AS and #AS2. Liked it.


The 50th jet of Lufthansa Cityline sports my illustrations of "Little Europe", I also did the logo accompanying the anniversary.

since 2001

My second band, pøpsicle. Me on #guitar. Still am.

since 2003

Teaming up with webdev company Business Network Internet Services GmbH with strong roots in backend-stuff. Building even more frontends. Learning template-building and talking to programmers. Getting to know #php, #MySQL, and a monster called #TYPO3.

since 2003

My third band, Motörblock. It's #bass time again.

since 2005

Partner and CEO of said company. Gradually adding backend- and CMS-skills (mainly #TYPO3, #Wordpress) to my toolbox while staying up-to-date on #frontend technologies like #HTML5 and #CSS3, #jQuery, #LESS and whatever may come this way. Ah yes, not to forget server-administration, #Apache setup voodoo, and #RegEx.


Changing the name to BNT.DE Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien, because the old one didn't fit the broader spectrum we now offer.


Show in Hamburg with canvas-prints of my illustrations.


The "web" is a multiheaded beast. I ride it.


More teaching, speaking, sharing. Less doing. Perhaps.